Responsibility towards the environment

Responsibility  towards the environment

It is a priority for the company to exceed customers’ expectations in managing their waste, with serious work, punctuality and above all, responsibility and respect for the environment, giving the correct destination waste.
RF Maluf is accredited in the main incinerators and co-processing of São Paulo State and follows all the standards required by the supervisory body of this sector.

Risk Management

RF Maluf developed a risk management in three distinct phases to provide a safe environment for its customers, employees and partners:

1 - Risk Prevention - it is present in all instances of the company, all the time.

2 - Operational Excellence - in daily activities and the company’s daily operations, we are constantly working to correct and effective operational excellence:

a) The equipment is inspected and tested.
b) All processes are continually monitored and controlled.

3 - Any Occurrence of Advert Event - we act quickly seeking:

• Protection of humans.
• Environmental preservation.
• Recovery of any damaged property.
• Reducing losses.
• Correction through training programs.

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